Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Advice to a teenage girl.

I remember that until I was 25, I was convinced my parents knew nothing.  Their sole purpose in life seemed to be to oppose everything I wanted to do.  At age 25, I finally started to see that my parents were on my side, and just maybe they might actually know something.  Since then, the older I get, the more intelligent they are. 

I always try to learn from the mistakes of others.  So I hope you will too.

It's all about trust.  You trust in God, so give him credit for giving you the parents he did.  He doesn't make mistakes.

Know your Dad was once a young man.  Those days are easy to remember as they are our heyday in life.  He knows what young men are thinking, he was one once.  Even though you don't like to think of it, he thought those thoughts once too.  Trust him, know he is doing what he does for a reason.  His reason is to protect you from making a mistake that can hurt you.  He loves you.  He would probably give his own life to save yourself. 

That's why Honor your Father and Mother is a commandment, because it is extremely difficult at times to do so.  Rely on Christ to help you. 

Whatever the world throws at you, it is all calculated to trying to remove you from your salvation and walk with Christ.  Don't let it.  Pray for strength and guidance.  Then realize the guidance might be found in Godly and loving council from your parents. 

Your friend,


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