Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Birthday Present For A King.

Hey, everybody, I have an idea for a Birthday present worthy of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Let us love one another.  Regardless of race; religion or lack of one; whether a police officer or rabble rouser; whether straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgendered; regardless of political affiliation or job title (lawyer, politician); young or old; rich or poor. . . Or anything else.  Let's put that all aside and go forward from today, trying to love each other, like Christ loves us all. 

He loved us with such an intensity that He left His throne.  He came to Earth as a helpless baby.  Lived a life free of sin.  Healed the sick, resurrected the dead, fed the hungry and taught us about love.  Then He loved each and every one of us so much He suffered our punishment, took our shame and died to pay our penalty on the Cross.  Then He defeated Death, Hell and the Grave by rising again on the Third Day.  Now He prepares to come for His Church, His Bride.

Show love to one another, while driving, in public, while watching the news.  For that is what He commanded we do.  That will be a gift to bring a smile to His face.

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