Sunday, December 9, 2012

At the old Woolworths Soda Fountain Sit-In Statue photos by Heather Pray

This park is actually called Reflection Square Park, also features some other cool statues, a water feature shown in one of the photos. The life sized soda fountain statue is by artist Georgia Gerber. This is a tribute to those brave souls who took a "seat" for human rights in the 1960's. This pocket park is where the old Woolworths Five and Dime store used to be. I am old enough to have visited the store as a child and sat at the actual soda fountain counter which was also known as a luncheonette.

These photos were taken by Heather Pray as our engagement photos. That handsome and debonair man is my much missed late husband, Thomas. The top photo is at the water feature in the same pocket park.

The park is on the South side of Douglas between Main and Broadway. There are many more interesting statues for art lovers, children, and young at heart alike. Be sure to take a walking tour.

For more information on this interesting piece of Wichita art work/park/history, check out the links below.


  1. Hey admin,
    "Blog of Donna Robb as eclectic as she is" this is very good idea any person visit this site and collect more and more information .

    1. Jerin, I have included the links to learn more about the Woolworth's soda fountain statue. I remember actually going there a couple times as a child. Once we actually got to stop and eat there. If you are from Wichita, you might check out the Old Mill Tasty Shoppe further East on Douglas on the North side just before you get to the train bridge.

      As far as the sit-in, I'm not sure without further digging when that took place. It may be in the links, but I don't remember and I've got to get to sleep tonight.

      Hope this helps,