Wednesday, November 21, 2012

That Creamy Corn Stuff - a surefire hit that's easy to make.

By Donna Robb - recipe from a lady I used to work with many years ago whose name I can't remember.  She always made it in the crockpot.  I have experimented with several different ways.  Hands down, the double boiler method works best to avoid burning the cream cheese.

This is a family favorite that my Mom decided to make this year, so I have no pictures for you.  You will probably need to double it or more based on how many people are expected. 

Ingredients:  16 oz package of frozen whole kernel corn.
8 oz cream cheese cut up into pieces about an inch square.
1 stick butter cut up in 1 tablespoon pieces.
Please note generic ingredients work fine on this recipe.

Serves 4 for more just double everything.

About 1 hour and 15-30 minutes before you leave the house, or serve dinner.  Put hot water in a standard size or the next sized down crockpot.  Turn on low, or if it has warm use that.  Cover and plug in.

Using a double-boiler is the best way not to have anything burn.  But you can also make in a regular pan, a crockpot (which takes forever), or melt in the microwave.  But a double boiler is THE BEST WAY to make it.  If you don't have one you can use a medium large saucepan inside a bigger one with boiling water in it.  Make sure there is not so much water that it comes into the saucepan.

Put the cubes of cream cheese and butter into the saucepan.  As they start to melt, stir with spoon occasionally, a wooden spoon is best.

When they have melted fully, stir together until blended and creamy.  Add approximately 1/4 of the uncooked frozen corn.  The coldness of the corn will cause the creamy mixture to freeze up around the corn.  This is normal.  Give it a few minutes, about five, to start to melt.  Stir again until creamy.  Then add in another 1/4 of the frozen corn and repeat process.  Once all corn has been added and has been stirred back to creamy state it is done.

Unplug crockpot, remove lid away from your face to avoid steam.  Pour hot water out, down your drain, again pour away from your face.  When empty wipe dry with clean paper towels. 

Pour in creamy corn mixture.  Make sure outside of crockpot and plug is dry.  Replace lid and plug back in.  Make sure it's on the lowest setting and stir about every 15 minutes making sure to stir clear down to the bottom so it doesn't burn.  Serve when ready and enjoy.

If transporting elsewhere, wrap unplugged crockpot in a clean bath towel.  Wrap the plug around and loop it in the cord.  Place in a similar sized cardboard box and buckle it in with a seat belt.  Or wedge between the front and back seats of the car on floorboard.  You may want to heat up about 15-20 minutes or so in the crockpot on low when you arrive if it cools down. 

Enjoy and expect a tussle over the last spoonful.

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